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Bad artists + oversaturation = ?

What happens when everyone is a "winner"? When everyone is called "good"?
18 Feb 2017

Bad Artists are like the Worst Kickball Players…

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Everybody’s an artist. Is everyone “good” at it? Well, flat out no.


If you were looking for a “everyone’s an artist at heart” type of answer, that’s for the pseudo-general art class.


We’re talking business and art, though. And when those two combine, they run off of a quality standard. Not a popular standard, trendy standard or flashy standard. A quality standard. 


And even IF your personal taste and choice in art is just that (personal), YOU still have a standard that’s based upon a simple balance of what is “good” and “bad”


….unless you’re feeling like “I’m Joker and I burn forests for fun like Alfred said, Bruce…” type nonsense. Then there’s no saving you.


But seriously, why am I ripping on “bad artists” & standards so much?


When the bar is low, anyone can hop over it. And what seemed like an obstacle worth overcoming before, now is a little bump in the road. And the appreciation factor goes right along with that road-bump after thought.


And we hate artists who come in and treat bars that were lowered like a kick ball. Straight up. They’re that one kid who’s a flat out A-hole with an ugly kick; a kick so ugly that it not only sends the ball flying, but it makes that sucker pop.


That’s what bad art does and bad artists do. They ruin your kickball game. And don’t let that be a tournament, because then everyone deserves a trophy…right?


There’s including more and expanding the game, and degrading the quality of it by lowering the standards of ‘qualified players’ (aka professionals).


When you blur the line, you kill the standard; along with the quality.



Glass ceilings are monumental for those who break through, and terrifying for those beneath the falling pieces.


I say that to say, whatever your profession and service is. Be it art, science or getting busy with your hands; maintain a standard. And a standard that defines the quality of YOUR work. 


Because sad to say, the internet along with people’s growing inability to use it beneficially, has killed the awesomeness around the things you can do. Once it goes viral, it becomes normal. And people like and remember what’s “out of the norm’ “.


We make things that were once normal before we found it, and make it so popular to the point of “boring”, just to be thrown to the side to be recycled again. To avoid this, you must learn to make what you do consistently useful.


No one gets tired of the sport, they get tired of the players and gamekeepers. Learn to be a better player and adapt to the game, instead of letting the players who disgrace the game change you.


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