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10 Feb 2016

The Internet; A Better Conversation

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It hadn’t occurred to me until recently that up until now, I was looking at the internet all wrong.

My view of what the internet was and how it worked before that point was very limiting. To me the internet was just a tool that we use to get online and create/consume content. Period. But like I do a lot, I started thinking and going down a rabbit hole of thoughts. “What’s the main type of content we create and consume everyday? What’s the common denominator? The simplest form of content?”



And then it hit me. Conversation.

The internet, beyond the sea of computers plugged in online, is one giant conversation. We create and consume mainly things to talk about. News. Music. Movies. Videos. Art. Politics. Hobbies. Markets. Shops. Advice. Tutorials. The list goes on. If you’re not on social media or talking with your friends about it, you most certainly have the conversation with yourself as thoughts (whether out loud or to yourself).


When I defined the internet as being one big conversation, I began to ask more detailed questions about how this new idea to me worked. “How do we effect the conversation? What are we adding and taking away from it? What direction is it going in? What language is it mainly being spoken in? How many people are included in this conversation?” Everything being exchanged and interacted with online was now apart of the conversation. If it wasn’t a Topic of Conversation, it was a Product of Conversation.


Defining the internet this way for me made it easier to understand it, have some control over it, and know how it can really work when looked at as more than technology. More than just a slew of websites and profiles endlessly pulling from this digital web. But a huge conversation being held that we can either make better for everyone by understanding the conversation, or creating confusing-“huh?” moments in the conversation. End of the day, what do you have to talk about?

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