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9 Jan 2017

How to make the best blog post (every time, all the time)

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You have a website. You love the design. You got your “new thing” to drop on every one and make an impact.


And you just need to “blog about it”…or do some “blogging ‘ish, or something”…you know…




I swear, if y’all act like I’m talking to a brick wall, lol. But all jokes aside, you know you need to get a hold of this “blogging thing” with your site.


And maybe you don’t want to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into a “blog promotion” budget.


So it helps to know how to make “the best blog post” instead. Save time and money, learn some new stuff that makes money. Win-Win, bada bing.


So, the nuts and bolts for the Best Blog (in a nutshell)


Your blog is one of the most beneficial assets to your website and online presence. If your website is like a store, then your blog is like your personal media outlet.


And every media outlet and product has a structure. We’ll call it ‘The Media 3’ formula,

  • a theme (a topic)
  • a focus (a purpose you standout on)
  • a voice/soundtrack/videotrack (a narrative)


Ideally, when someone would visit your website, you want them to notice these three things automatically. Your design helps you establish credibility with this, by directing people to the content you have that’s right for them.


That content can be whatever.


Don’t limit yourself, but also don’t neglect your strengths.


If you’re in an image-driven market, you’ll want to use visual based media like video and image to attract people to your website.


If you’re into audio or music, you’ll want to have your own balance of visual media and text media to accompany your sound. Because the majority of people look at music as a commodity (common over unique), your audio has to be a “soundtrack” to something and not just the main focus (as far as marketing goes…all you audio heads can take a breathe).


Now here’s the trick…


The key to making the best blog post every time, is to make your best blog post one time.


Did you get that?


“The key to making the best blog post every time, is to make your best blog post one time.”


And once you do it once, you repeat. And all your doing different is changing how you approach this thing called “blogging”.


It’s not just something waste time gossiping on. When it’s used right, it solves shit. Fixes problems. Guides people. Informs those who want answers.


That’s where the money, the education and the purpose is at. Solving some thing, one thing at a time.


Let’s use the “Media 3” with this for a fitness business as an example to get a picture.




You have a common industry like health, where everyone wants a piece of this “billions-of-dollars-and-booming health & fitness cake”.


So you can’t be like everyone else, talking about “how to lose 20 lbs in 1 week…” or “how to gain 45 lbs in 2 weeks” on your blog. *exaggerated ass titles*


That makes you look average, amateur and lazy when you do it. Because everyone is doing it. 


So instead, you solve and appeal to a specific problem in your field.


So “lose 20 lbs in 1 week” becomes “lose 20 lbs with a weekly paycheck”. Or “lift 20 lbs easy using this cooking exercise” – where the arm routine is a body-motion used in baking, using barbells instead of whisks.


Now you can market your blog post to foodies, lifters (pro and amateur), people going through rehab, chefs, nutritionists, being healthy on a budget and so on.


  • The theme is “getting healthy or physically weller…”
  • The focus is “gaining 20 lbs of lifting power…”
  • The narrative is “using a common cooking technique with barbells”


“Get healthy and gain 20 lbs of lifting power by using the Lift Whisk Technique”

I don’t know, I like “Lift Whisk”…sounds kinda awesome and catchy…but you get the picture.

Derek Halpern calls them “peripheral problems”, or “sideline problems”. The problems or situations that happen before you close the sale or fix the main problem.

Your blog is all about helping your specific audience, not everybody. So when you blog, blog to the specific needs of those reading your website. And throw in some personable humor.

Having trouble writing your blog posts and talking to your audience? Leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve tried so far and what you want to solve.




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