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Audio Production

Ground Flow Communications has been producing music since 2009, with it’s debut release from Idasa Tariq, “Smiling Faces EP”. We’ve released 9 projects since, producing over 20+ singles with Jasiri X, Dominique Larue, Jordan Montgomery, Blak Rapp M.A.D.U.S.A., and are apart of the 1Hood Media Engineering staff in Pittsburgh, PA.

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You can listen to and find more of our music below and here -> Beats/Production | Music Catalog.



Smiling Faces (EP – 2009)
Say Cheese (EP – 2010)
Herstory (EP – 2010)
Live From The Cellar Vol.1 (Beat Tape – 2011)
Pissed Off Soul Man (LP – 2011)
Heavy Times (LP – 2012)
11:11 Vol.1 The Get Right (LP – 2013)
ya Heard? (Beat Tape – 2013)
unplugged (EP/LP – 2014)
FRAMES (2016)

Production Credit:


E-Fluent ft. Idasa Tariq – “The Definition of Ill” (2011)
Ensilence ft. Idasa Tariq – “Paper Hearts” prod. by Bus Crates (2012)
Idasa Tariq ft. Real Deal – Never Stop The Fire
GMS ft. Myne Frame & Busy – “Thank You Haters” prod. by Idasa Tariq (2013)
Myne Frame & Idasa Tariq – “Cruel” (2013)
Ares of APEX ft. Idasa Tariq – “Locked Down” / The Prelude EP (2013)
Ensilence ft. Idasa Tariq – “Do It Again” prod. by Ukarema (2013)
Jasiri X – “1Hood” Feat. L.U.C., Haze Cloud, Abhaollow, Blak Rapp Madusa, Idasa Tariq, Jordan Montgomery, King Legion, & UP (2015)
Jordan Montgomery – “Black People” ft. Jasiri X, Idasa Tariq & L U C (2016)
Patience Roy’al – “Tranquility” ft. Idasa Tariq & Tyhir Frost (2016)

Album Credit:
Jasiri X & Rhymefest – ‘KillSwitch’ LP (Associate Producer) (2016)