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Idasa Tariq 2019 Logo (3 logos)

Early this month I decided it was a good time to re-design my personal brand’s logo.


Since around 2013, my personal brand logo has remained relatively consistent over the years; maintaining the same curvy-minimal font for my name with my moniker and three-dots/layers somewhere close by.

















Since going to therapy and taking my self-care a little more seriously, I felt the change was only right. New chapter.

So I came up with these first two…



As you can see, I was still keeping in theme with my favorite number “3” utilizing the triangle (math symbol “delta”, which means “change”) and three gradient diamonds.


With the help of CocoHaus brand wizards Taliya Allen and Tye Clarke, they made three great suggestions to get the winner: scrap the triangle, place the text over 3 gradients like you would a shield, and place the white text in a way it “escapes” the logo.



And there you have it! A logo I feel, after 18 years of making digital media since high school, I have something I’m proud of that honestly represents me.

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