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AudioMack Review




First I’ll start with the pros, then get to the cons…


Running a continuous podcast or music business on a budget has been made much easier thanks to AudioMack. Ever since Soundcloud introduced their tiered program and limited the amount of audio you could upload for free, it’s been pretty scarce in finding a good alternative. And that’s where AudioMack really shines.

Unlimited Storage = never running out of space for your podcast show, songs or projects

Chart System = a public-visual way to track your show rankings

Playlists & Albums = the ability to release music projects, series and podcast shows in seasons

Stats Tracking = a simple and easy-to-follow tracking system for your music and shows

TuneCore Integration = Getting your music and podcasts distributed beyond your AudioMack platform to make money



Now there are other alternatives out there to use for podcasting, but in terms of an audio platform that can compete with Soundcloud and the features that made it great, AudioMack proves to be a great solution and asset to have for both beginning and season audio professionals.



The unlimited storage means no more running out of space. For podcasters, this is a big plus since most audio platforms charge you for hosting audio, which can be a real obstacle to get over if your podcast hasn’t begun to sustain itself yet. For music artists and producers, unlimited storage gives you an “audio cloud” of sorts equipped with a profile that connects to your social media and allows you to do things like releasing series, singles and albums.



Having the TuneCore integration gives you a way to monetize your podcast by distributing it through popular digital music markets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and over 150+ more like them. Now this isn’t the only way you can make money with your AudioMack profile, but when you combine this and other audio marketing strategies, you can maximize on your profit.



AudioMack also has a slick and clean looking charts system that really does a great job in promoting the profiles and latest tracks. You can click on each cover photo and play it right from the top player which is cool, so you don’t necessarily have to go to each profile and listen to every track on the chart (but you can). Back in 2013, our mixtape “Hello Kendrick (Top Kendrick Lamar 2013 “Control” Responses)” ranked #7.79k and was on the front page charts strong while the “Control” buzz was first popping, increasing our site traffic.



And now, for the cons…(dun dun dunnnn)

My first criticism…Although I like the look of the stats system on the AudioMack Dashboard, is it’s very limiting at first glance compared to their main competitors like SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Take a look at the screenshots of the stats below from my Soundcloud, Bandcamp & AudioMack of how each of their stats displays look




AudioMack Stats – GroundFlowRadio




Bandcamp Stats – Idasa Tariq




Soundcloud Stats – Idasa Tariq



As you can see, in the display and statistics available to see, Soundcloud is leading in this race. With the Pro Account as pictured above you can select different date ranges, locations based on cities and countries, and metrics that show how many plays, likes, comments, reposts, downloads and RSS downloads you’ve acquired. If you use these correctly, it’s a great way to connect directly with your fans and the people that interact with your tracks.



Bandcamp’s Stats Display is good for the free version, and comes with features similar to Soundcloud in their Bandcamp Pro account. The free account doesn’t show you what users interacted with your music specifically unless they download, which makes sense mainly because they’re a unique online audio distributor and marketplace.


AudioMack’s Stats Display isn’t as basic as it may look, and that’s because the good stats it does display are tucked away in each track as you scroll down, as opposed to upfront in the dashboard. This can take a little browsing around to find in the dashboard if you’re accustomed to the other stats systems in other audio platforms. Clicking on the little stat icon next to the far right of the track brings up the individual stat page (that really should be a main feature in the dashboard to really compete with Soundcloud, Bandcamp & others), which looks like this


If AudioMack had these kind of stats displayed on the main page of the dashboard, it would have it’s own lane and would have a one up on Soundcloud, in addition to having unlimited storage for free.

My last two critiques are minor details but major factors in better usability:

1.) make the design responsive, or at least have the AudioMack player mobile-responsive while browsing through pages.

2.) there’s no “album” option in the track filter on your profile page. I reached out to the support team about this, who were very helpful, and they said they’d have a look into it this week (Monday, 12/5/2016) so we’ll see what happens and if anything changes.


All in all, if I had to rate AudioMack, I would give it a strong 7.5/10 based on the categories of Storage, Stats, Monetizing, Playlists and the Chart Stream System. If AudioMack were to fix those points I made above and even add a small forum, it would easily make this a 9 and one of the top spots to go for music and podcasting, period. Especially if they integrated it with the Complex Media network.


Ok, so now that you’ve read the AudioMack review here’s what I want you to do and can just take a few moments.


Leave a comment below of what you think of the review, but I also want to know what’s the one thing you’re struggling with right now with your podcast or online music. Is it getting more subscribers, plays or listeners? Is it figuring out how to create a website or blog? Running out of episode ideas? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.


Currently, enrollment for our AudioMonk Course is closed, but will be opening back up for class this coming New Year in 2017. Take a second to subscribe to our email list and I can give you a heads up first before I put it out to our social media audiences.


Talk soon,

– I.T. the Soul Man 


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