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Idea & Plan Assessment

When you want to make money your way, it comes down to two things first: your idea and your plan. Check the breakdown below to see which side you’re currently stuck at, and how to fix it.


PROBLEM : You have an idea, but not a working plan (yet)


When you have an idea, that first spark of inspiration, it’s like a fire that keeps you warm.


And in order to stay warm, you find ways to “keep the fire going”. So if you plan on selling an idea

you think is good for people, you need a plan that makes and keeps the passion of your idea alive.


You must ask this question first :


can your idea solve a specific problem your ideal audience has?

  • if it can’t, your idea gets seen as having common to little value. Which means your audience won’t invest that much…
  • if it can, your idea’s value is in people paying for the idea because they can clearly (specifically) see it’s value.

The key here to your idea is being “specific” (unique). This is why music artist who cater to sub-genres (Salsa, Latin Dancing) instead of their main genre (Dancing, in general) can make a living easier.


People like unique, not what everyone has.


It’s easier to market something that has specific details, instead of common details. The sub-genre fits the needs of people/fans who like the specific things (a specific dance) and not just common things (any kind of dance) about the genre as a whole.


When you look at your audio or idea in this perspective, you see how to make money easier because you’re looking at “what value does my audio really add to the listener specifically?”.



You want to separate yourself from what everyone is doing? Find something specific about your idea, how it can solve a specific problem, and focus in on that.


PROBLEM: You have a great idea AND a plan, but the plan isn't working (yet)


When you’ve found you’re great idea and how it can reach the people better by solving a specific problem, you have to get it to them.


But how? What’s the plan? If you’ve already put your plan into motion, you must ask yourself:


“how well is my plan serving my audience?”


  • if it isn’t serving them well, your audience can’t find your true value. This is because the plan and how it’s been moving along is preventing them from seeing it, and doesn’t mean the idea is bad. The plan is.
  • if it is serving them well, you want to continue nurturing your growing audience, at their pace. Not just your own. Address more of their needs through your audio and actually interact with them.


When you look at audio as a solution, and not just as something that can entertain you, you begin to see how successful audio professionals become successful in the first place.


Your audio must speak to the problems and how to solve it.


How to deal with it. How to feel about it. How to reason it. How to analyze it.


We do all these things through radio, audio books, music, speech, debates and any other way you can communicate through sound waves.





The Solution


I came up with what’s called “The Scoring Technique”, an audio marketing technique that shows you how to make and present your audio idea as a solution that people will enjoy and buy.


It’s the one technique every audio and music professional uses in their product making and campaign strategies, because The Scoring Technique shows you how to identify your audience, their problem and the strategy to help them, all by changing one thing about the way you sell and promote your audio.

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