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Having a Website's like having a car...

"Yea...your car is poppin'. It looks fly...but can you drive???"
21 Mar 2017

Having a Website’s like having a car…

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I was talking to a friend recently who wanted to get a website going for their business.


Like I usually do, I asked him some simple questions about what he expected out of his website.


Here’s what he said,


“I want my site to feature my upcoming projects and older ones…a section for my bio…a way to contact me…and make it something that helps people by spreading the knowledge about the culture of what we do…and a shop that sells our stuff.”


I said “ok, cool. No problem.” I then asked him “so what’s the main purpose of your website?”


He looked at me, confused a little. “I just told you, didn’t I?!?”


And this is the problem A LOT of people have when they want a website. But do you see where the problem is?

Function, Feature, Benefit = an easier time getting your site’s look


When I asked my friend what he expected out of his website, I was searching for a purpose. What he gave me were the features he wanted on his website.


But this way of thinking is no different than how some people buy their cars.




The MAIN purpose for having a car is for transportation. Getting from A to B.


How your car looks at night with the neon lights on, the plush seats with alligator leather on the dash, and the booming sound system that rattles the neighborhood…are all features.


A portfolio section that highlights your work. An about page. A contact page with a form. A section or maybe even blog that makes your information shareable. And an online shop that sells products.


All features


Take a few moments to visit the front pages of AtlantaBlackstar.com, ProBlogger.net, and ClothingUnder10.com. Look for the things they all have in common.


Organized menus. High resolution photos for their products and articles. A LOT of content for their primary target audience. All of these things factor into the website’s layout, which all 3 of these sites have using a clean and spread out layout to achieve this.


But more importantly, everything about the website from the jump, tells you why you’re there.


On AtlantaBlackstar, you know you’re getting quality news pertaining to the national and global Black community. On ProBlogger, you know you’re there to learn how to blog better and make money with your blog. With ClothingUnder10, you’re getting their favorite and promoted clothing for $10 dollars.


Aside from ClothingUnder10, a shop isn’t the main function of AtlantaBlackstar or Problogger on display. Nor is their portfolio, contact or about pages.


What helpful content they provide to their main audience is. And everything else is extra (as it should be). Because think about it…


Is the first impression you want your visitors to have of you to be “HEY!! Look at what I have, now buy it…!!!!”?


Or would you rather they walk away feeling glad they came to you? Seems like a no brainer. But still, there are too many people with websites starting out making this one mistake.


Think you got it figured out?


Does your website have a clear main purpose? Or maybe you have a great idea and just haven’t mustered up the will to make it come to life online? Leave a comment below about it



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