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Graphic Designers v.s. Web Designers

How it looks and How it works. Are you balancing the two?
18 Feb 2017

Choosing a designer for the right price & time

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When it’s that time for you to hire a designer for your website idea, you know to already have your “Function, Feature, Benefit Model” ready to go.


One big problem that most self-employed and small businesses face going online is finding the right designer. Not just for the right price and great turn-around time; but where, who and how to find the designers they need.


Here’s something you have to consider when you’re looking for a designer for your website…


If you hire a graphic designer to make your website, they’re usually Design Over Function. Meaning they care about the overall look of how your website displays for your audience, rather than how it works for them.

If you hire a web designer to make your site, they’re usually the opposite, Function Over Design. They care about and work towards building the site to last and work, and leave how it looks as an afterthought.


The beauty and test is on how you balance both.



The best way is to go with a minimalist responsive look. It’s clean, works well on mobile, and allows you to spread things out a bit without coming off as “simple & boring.”


Note that this doesn’t apply to ALL graphic & web designers. It just helps to know the frame of mind of the one building your brand’s “digital body” and what to look for.


Another thing to keep in mind is online marketing and S.E.O. ready. Meaning you’ll want a designer who’s somewhat knowledgeable about search engine optimization and designing your site with that in mind. This makes it easier for search engines like Google, Bing and others to find you based on keywords and phrases your audience uses. (Read this quick article on why that’s important to know for your business).


Cheap isn’t always the best.


I like free stuff and deals. I’m frugal as a business owner and DIY entrepreneur, and at one point to a fault.


I got stuck in the headset of ALWAYS trying to save money however, which made a mental block of never spending more when I needed to (let alone taking any amount of financial risks).


And as a designer, I would always take on “fast-food clients”; people who didn’t really care about what it is I was doing for them, so long as they had something to show for whatever project it was for. Bottom line, it was passionless. And these type of clients didn’t appreciate what having a website for their business meant for them, and it showed terribly.


You don’t have to break the bank on getting your website designed (especially with great tools like WordPress and Squarespace). You just have to know what it is you need and want your website to do for you before you have it made. Kind of like having an idea of where you want to go before you buy the plane ticket.


So here’s what you can do


On a blank piece of paper, make 3 column spaces titled Function, Feature, Benefit. Underneath these titles, you’re going to write out at least 3 things for each pertaining to your website.


So your list might look something like –


  • Information Resource for your fellow industry colleagues
  • Social Network for your ideal and target audience
  • Marketplace for your lifestyle products and/or services


  • Blog (acts as a company journal or industry guide)
  • Photo gallery
  • Video channel
  • Shop
  • Podcast
  • Library/Archive
  • Resource List


  • acts an online Community resource (local, national, global)
  • helps inform your client base with things that can further help them
  • acts as a platform for a cause, product or person


Once you have this list (your Function, Feature, Benefit Site Model), you can now hire a designer to make your website. You know how you want it to work for your audience. You know what kind of features you want it to have for them. And you know how if can benefit and add value to their online lifestyle.


Want us to design your site? Still have some questions? Head on over to our Web Design page to get started.




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  1. Ivan Micic

    Well, I think you are absolutely right Idasa when you say that hired designers usually care about the overall look rather than how the websites works for them. I couldn’t agree more!

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