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Function+Feature+Benefit for 2017

When I started making websites for people, I noticed a big problem that was costing them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Especially if they had already been searching for a designer before they came to me. 


They knew they wanted a website for their brand and business. They knew what kind of things they wanted to have on it; an about page, a contact form, a shop and maybe a blog. 


And that was it. 


There was no purpose or function. No immediate “in your face” benefit for someone who wants to go to their site, and they definitely were not giving a visitor something to do (other than “hey click me and buy something!” lol).


Just a high priced website (or one that looks like it) that lets you read a bio, send an email and buy some stuff…that no one knows about.


But we’ve all been there! And this is something you can easily fix before you spend a nickel on your website needs.


You have to define your sites Function, Features & Benefit




This is the reason why people come to your site. To solve a need and problem, that they expect & want YOU to be able to do, and no one else. 

Is your site a tool your business offers that your target audience can use?

Is it an online social hub for your project or program?

Your website’s function should stem from the reason why you’re in business, and act as a digital solution to your audience’s “big picture problem”. ***


Bios…Contact info…Resource page…an online store.

These are the “bells and whistles” of your website. 

They’re necessities because they add more value to your brand and business by acting as secondary functions (aka “they solve little problems, while your main function solves the larger one.”***



How does your site benefit the people who come to it?

You want your website to be apart of your audience’s digital lifestyle because you want to help them (at least you should…)

They come to you because you helped them; in some small or big way. 

What main value to people, society or your core audience does your website offer? ***