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Have you been struggling with getting your audio heard?



Today’s DIY-audio professionals; the beat makers, the podcasters, the music artists, the audiobook authors, the speakers and teachers…are in a unique position to make money and a living off their craft, even through all the clutter you see becoming “popular” online.



And I’ve found the main problem audio professionals like myself have faced has not been the creation of our content, but how we market it to cut through all that clutter.



Do you really need a big budget like major-brand backed audio people? Do you need a $5000 website to “make it?”. Do you need to be on every social media site and still maintain a regular life?



The answer is “naw”.



But if you ask most online marketers, especially those who work in audio and music, most will steer you in the wrong direction or sell you half assed tips that “might” work (and not ones that actually will and make you money).



My name is The Soul Man Idasa Tariq, and I’m the founder of Ground Flow Communications. And on GroundFlow.net, I show you how to properly market your audio using audio and music psychology.



When I first started Ground Flow back in 2009, it was called www.groundflow.org and had no real purpose or function. It had nothing to contribute to the Internet-world.  I had been making my own music, beats, & graphics designs since 2001 and had a little knowledge of blogging (back then it was MySpace and then BlogSpot for me).



And I knew I needed a website to put my music on to have an edge above my competition, both locally and abroad. So I registered the website Ground Flow, tried my hand at Dream Weaver, failed miserably and gave up. My first mistake. 



I didn’t come back to making an online presence for Ground Flow until the summer of 2013. At that point, I switched groundflow.org to groundflow.net, and turned it into a small business blog. This was my first dive into learning how to market while running a marketing business. My second mistake. 



Now at this time my only claim to any “big” online recognition was producing for Jasiri X on “Just A Minstrel” (40,000+ YouTube views) and Dominique Larue’s ‘HerStory’ EP (released through DJBooth and DubMD). That was 2010. This was 2013. So my only credibility to others at that point was producing two great bodies of work, but not capitalizing off of their success as a producer in 3 years because I didn’t know how to market myself. My third mistake.



GroundFlow.net got lukewarm traffic because I followed the advice of other marketers and competition by making a bunch of those “5 Ways to… tips” posts. So I quit it, once again, but this time to go back to the drawing board and think of how I wanted my site to function.



And that’s when my light bulb moment happened.



Make one website for me as an artist, and one website for my audio business.

Separate them and make it easy. One for who I am as a person/artist (www.IdasaTariq.com) and one for who I am as a business (www.GroundFlow.net). So when people ask me about music and marketing online, I know where to send them and what to tell them.



“Duh, Das…that’s a no-brainer…”



And you’re absolutely right. It was a no-brainer to separate the two instead of cramming everything I do into one site and on one page. But I was like a lot of do-it-yourself artists that wanted to learn websites and blogs and went head first into it. And it was this attitude that kept me pushing to figure out to make websites work and make money for audio people.



So I went back to the drawing board…but for real this time.



In 2013 I started working with 1Hood Media Academy in Pittsburgh, PA and became the Assistant Creative Director in 2014.

If you don’t know, 1Hood Media is one of the leaders in youth-based media literacy, specifically in low income and black neighborhoods. We teach media literacy & business to youth through Hip Hop, using a model created by our founders, Hip Hop Artists and Activists Jasiri X & Paradise Gray of the legendary X CLAN.



In my life and experience working with audio professionally for over 7 years now, with over 20 years in seriously learning how to make my music and audio, I’ve learned and worked in three successful businesses that use audio

  • My father back in the 80’s made a jazz radio station in my hometown Binghamton, NY, called WUCI 91.FM Uhuru Communications (“Freedom Communications”). They started with a team of both skilled do-it-yourselfers and professionals in audio, that shared a passion for “classic and real jazz with a professional radio format that was relevant”. The station went on to be popular and a staple of ’80’s Binghamton Radio, bringing in jazz acts like Betty Carter, Gil Scott-Heron and more to the Greater Binghamton Area. From learning from my dad over the years, in the fall of 2016 I launched my first podcast series “FRAME Changers” on SkyyHook Radio’s “ROAD Trippin’ ” show which is promoted worldwide and being added to all the latest radio streaming services.
  • Working as the Assistant Creative Director at 1Hood Media, through the lens of a Hip Hop Teaching Artist, this has become my post-secondary education. Since studying Mass Communications &  Audio Engineering at Broome Community College from 2005-2007, I was like most artists floating and swimming through the “digital chitlin’ circuit” trying to figure out how to “make it”. And 1Hood Media showed me how to narrow in on who I was as an artist-producer who can do multiple things, and make incomes from those different skills.
  • Running www.IdasaTariq.com as an artist who performs and produces beats, has been one of the best online learning experiences for my own “DIY blog & web development” (thank you WordPress!). Since 2008 I’ve been able to work with and produce songs that feature Jasiri X, Real Deal, Tef Poe, Dominique Larue, Blak Rapp M.A.D.U.S.A., LiveFromTheCity, Jordan Montgomery and more. In addition, I’ve been able to sell and promote my beats to the talented up-and-coming artists in Canada, Nigeria, Binghamton, Pittsburgh and abroad.


And now I can teach you how to make money online with your audio.



I spent the last 7 years working on one website idea.



A website idea that changed it’s name and business approach twice in the span of 3 years, and struggled to find any real purpose for my brand or business, other than just taking up space online, wasting time and money.



The best strategy I found that works for audio and music based professionals, incorporates what I call “The Scoring Technique”.







You see, music and audio are situational. Meaning people only use them based on what situation they’re in. According to a research article written by music-psychology specialist Dr. Thomas Schäfer, people listen to music for generally three reasons; 1.)  to regulate their mood, arousal or health, 2.) to effect their spiritual development by “awareness of self” and 3.) to express something that can relate socially to someone else.



Out of the three, the first 2 reasons are the more popular reasons than the third, expressing something people can relate to. Which means, if you were to imagine these 3 reasons as 3 different types of people…





2 out of the 3 people are listeners that want to be inspired, enlightened (learn something) or put in a good mood.  The other third person wants to express that through music which people relate to. And that same third person is you, the audio maker.



So in essence, you first have to ask yourself…”If people buy music because they want to hear something that inspires, teaches them something or puts them in a better mood…



…”does my music and audio do that?”



Because when people come to you as a music or audio professional, that’s what they really want from you. Everything else is extra.



And in a world full of media pollution, the last thing people want to hear on their own time is something that’s going to further make them feel depressed, hopeless or uninspired. And your website is a reflection of that if you expect people to find your audio online and support you by buying it.



People support what benefits their life and lifestyle. And people support music which adds that beneficial value to their life with the sounds they like and choose to hear.



Your job is to market your audio so they choose you, and choose you because they actually like and want to buy what you have to offer. And you can do that with our FREE AudioWeb Training Course.



AudioWeb is a free online mini-course I created that shows you how to take your audio brand online by finding the right audience to sell to. Plus, you’ll receive our short PDF guide on

  1. what social media you should use for your audio business and why
  2. how to monetize and make money selling you audio products
  3. how to attract new customers and listeners to your brand online
  4. my “Tracks That Attract” technique: how to gain traffic using Audio Content Marketing



Using this course and guide by me will get you started in the right direction with putting your audio brand online, so you don’t have to waste 7 years of your life struggling the hard way to learn what every successful audio brand and person knows about marketing audio or music.



So what are you waiting for? Click here to take your free mini-course now and get started with making money with your audio online.