Ground Flow Communications, Inc.
is a Communications and Graphics Design Agency
located in Binghamton, NY and Pittsburgh, PA.

Since 2009, Ground Flow Communications has been creating and producing music albums, advertisements, and literature aimed at bringing a sense of focus back to the internet (and everyday) conversation.

There are so many different ways to communicate now, on top of so many things to talk about…How do you get heard? What’s everyone really saying? And what are the things that we can all commonly agree on, that we can build on and move forward with?

We help you answer those questions in a few ways on our site:

our Blog
We post about The Internet, Art & Science as a language, and how to make it as a “Broke And Classy” Entrepreneur.

our Services
We offer graphic design, audio production & web management services, designed to make your vision understood.

our Network/App
We built a private network that gives you access to resources for your own graphics design, audio production and web management uses. Archives of drum kits, icons, videos, books, guides and more. (Available this winter)

PORTFOLIO BANNERWe hope you enjoy the site and if you’re ready to start talking, Holla.

– The Ground Flow Team


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