"The Communications World For The Everyday Person"


I started my own business, Ground Flow Communications, back in 2009 while still working as a pharmacy technician at a grocery store.


And it wasn’t until 2016, 7 long years later, where I finally worked out the bugs to my plan and website.


Like a lot of DIY 9-to-5 people, I wanted my own.


To be my own boss, have my own place, and make my own money. Simple.

But not so simple, LOL…


You see, I already had an idea of what my business and brand could be, and even a plan that was working but had not gotten enough time and attention.


I was always constantly working on other people’s projects and platforms, hoping (and praying) that my portfolio would be able to speak for itself. But even then, I was always seen as “the guy who knows a lot and just pushes buttons on keyboards”, and struggled to break out of that box.




I’m The Soul Man, Idasa Tariq, and I teach “everyday people” how to use the internet to their benefit. The best way I’ve found to do this is by using the strategies and ideologies I’ve picked up from the grocery, retail and music industries.



I answer the questions you have about all this “I need to be poppin’ online” stuff in an easy and logical way, so you don’t have to spend the years like myself and countless others have in making your own money and leaving the 9-to-5 behind.

Want to get started on your journey out of the 9-to-5 and put that noodle of yours to your own benefit? Let’s go!