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16 Nov 2016

5 Ways SocialTriggers.com Boosts Your Online Audio Platform

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SocialTriggers.com was started by Derek Halpern and teaches entrepreneurs and DIY-business folk how to sell and help their audience better by using psychology research and tested simple-formula-strategies from his marketing experience.


Why is this important for music and audio-based businesses? Because the internet is cluttered with junk-music blogs (and junk period) that make it harder for your listening audience to find you, and you find them.


Finding Derek and SocialTriggers (as well as 1Hood Media Academy!) has helped tremendously because it shows you upfront where you’re lacking and how to change that.


1.) Defining Your Niche

Much like what I do at 1Hood Media Academy in Pittsburgh with educating black youth in media literacy and media entrepreneurship, Derek asks you the right questions to ask yourself when finding your online niche or lane.


Like, the REAL right questions and not the ones the pseudo-marketing blogs post up to get clicks and your emails.



2.) How to Build & Find Your Audience

After you’ve defined and carved out your lane, who are you going to play it for? Who are your listeners? Derek walks you through the process of building and finding that audience; by showing and getting YOU in the right mindset and how YOUR AUDIENCE thinks (2 for 1 learning!).



3.) Perspective!!!

This really should’ve been Number #1 because this is the biggest takeaway we’ve gotten from following Derek and SocialTriggers over the past couple years. Perspective.


The same way we did on the album ‘FRAMES’ with challenging our listeners to think and not be afraid of seeing reality, Derek challenges you to get out of your way by thinking of what’s best for you and your audience.


No matter what industry you work in (which is another plus to his methods and business ideology.) Like this article here on “How To Deal With Clients Who Won’t Pay”.




4.) Marketing For/To Your Audience

So after you’ve done all the work of building you, your lane and narrowing who you want to play for…how do you get them to buy your stuff?


The key ingredient is the quality of your music/podcast/audio product, but that isn’t the RECIPE as you find out with Derek’s working formulas and strategies (also backed by his psychology research).


Here’s one to peep, “The Psychology of Your Customers”.



5.) Showing You How To Scale/Grow Your Platform

This is another great takeaway from SocialTrigger’s website; finding out how to scale your business, what that means and why it works for so many people.


Once you understand the concept and foundations of scaling a business, it becomes that much more easier to not only increase your sales but provide solutions and great things for your audience that they can’t get anywhere else.


In this article, he explains how to increase your sales by 600%…don’t forget to check the comments too.



Okay, now what?

Head on over to SocialTriggers.com now and check out their new updated site. The setup and layout is clean for real, and has some cool freebies like their guide to getting 5000 followers if you signup for the newsletter (which is worth it and isn’t spammy…also can be inspiring to read when you need a boost in motivation and direction).


Hope this helps you in creating better audio products for people that help, work and inspire!

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